Are you looking for

Long lasting solutions?
A cost effective separation?
Greater focus on the needs of your children?
To avoid Court?

I can help you achieve all this.

Clare Madeline Mediation offers a bespoke, confidential process for separation, individually tailored to the needs of you and your family.  Family disputes that are resolved through mediation are often cheaper, quicker and less emotionally fraught than those that are settled through the Courts.

Previously a family lawyer and Director of a local solicitors practice, I have over 20 years experience helping couples through the divorce process.  Having worked in the legal profession for so long and having seen the emotional damage which can be caused, I have chosen to focus my expertise in family mediation, a modern way of resolving family separation where you are in control of the outcome without using an outdated court process.  I am determined through my work to change the way we divorce or separate and to show you that, despite the trauma of family separation which impacts all of the family, there is a better way.

My mission is to guide you through the complicated issues and to find a lasting solution that works for you and your family.

Clare Madeline

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Interesting to see how online mediation practices differ but one final takeaway is the common ‘you are on mute!’ Ah yes the dreaded mute button on zoom! Uniting online mediators across the countries! #remoteworking #zoom

Interesting to see the differences in practice in the USA & Ukraine family financial mediation process. Despite the differences, what shines through is the human element & how mediation helps to balance, focus & keep the dialogue moving forward when emotions run high #mediation

With thanks to @NatFamMediation for today’s fantastic event. Fascinating to see how mediation works in practice in the USA & Ukraine & our differing approaches, structure, language, style etc & to share best practice with our international mediation colleagues. Thank you to all

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