2 years of Clare Madeline Mediation- my reflection

Today, I celebrate two years of managing my own mediation practice, Clare Madeline Mediation and I feel privileged to be able to look back on two successful years.  All the hard work which goes on behind the scenes at weekends and evenings to deliver the best possible service to clients has been worth it.

I had been considering running my own practice for so many years but felt constrained to stay in law for its security and the fact that the journey to reach Director level is a long and stressful one so not something to give up without careful consideration.  The birth of my son, an unexpected but immensely joyful period in my live, gave me the freedom to make choices for myself and for my son.  I decided in that time to carve a career which would fit better with my own need for work life balance and to be present in my son’s life, to enjoy the change in lifestyle which a new baby brought.  So, Clare Madeline Mediation was born just 6 months after the birth of my son.  I haven’t looked back since.

I run my business in such a way that I can enjoy flexible working but my focus remains ‘providing the best possible, professional, service to clients facing the trauma of divorce and separation.’  My own self-reflection has taught me that the more emotionally in tune I am, the better placed I am to help those who are in pain and choose an alternative way of working through their divorce or separation.

I mentor other mediators starting their own journeys in mediation, offer training and support and I have been able to grow my mediation practice in a way which I feel really benefits clients.  I welcome clients into my home where I create a neutral, safe space, away from their family home to work through the life changing issues they face on separation.  I work hard to create this space and choose to work in a home environment, rather than a hired room, without personality, to give my clients the best possible chance of working collaboratively, in an environment which is as warm and welcoming as it can be. 

With thanks to all my clients who have worked with me at Clare Madeline Mediation and a warm welcome to clients I am yet to work with.


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