A safe space to talk but most importantly to think

This may sound like a strange concept.  After all, family mediation is mainly focused on creating a safe environment for those who wish to talk together and find solutions arising from a divorce or separation.  It is essentially a talking process.  I’ve been focusing my own ongoing professional development recently on honing my listening skills.  After all, the best discussions usually follow from good thinking space and time.

I work hard in my mediations, whether face to face or online to create the right environment for you to think clearly, despite the often awful range of emotions and physical effects you are feeling.  If you are thinking well and have the right space to engage your own ideas, my experience as a mediator is that these are the times when the right joint solution or the ‘lightbulb moment’ comes.  Even when it feels there are no other options left to explore, there nearly always is.  A bit of time, quiet reflection and space followed by another question can help the mind to think again.

Mediation is emotionally tough and it can be exhausting.  However, it can also bring a huge sense of relief. Letting go of conflict and working is emotionally rewarding and means the family can move forward without continuing resentment or ill feeling.  Finding your own solutions is empowering.  It also teaches your little (or not so little) ones that conflict which is an inevitable part of life can be resolved with the right mindset and tools (and a little professional help).

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