Divorce Coaching

Your Separation - Your Process

I also offer divorce coaching.  I have found over the years that many who are contemplating a divorce or separation do not know where to turn to for practical, balanced information on their options.  Many are not quite ready to begin a formal legal process and are daunted by the idea of going straight to a solicitor or mediator and do not necessarily want to share their personal circumstances with friends of family.

Clare Madeline Mediation offers you and your partner or spouse an opportunity to meet with a mediator to consider your options together.  Alternatively you can contact me for divorce coaching services where I act as a personal mentor to help you through, separate the emotional from the legal and enable you to manage the challenges and decisions you need to make.

My coaching is bespoke and can be tailor made for you and your circumstances to help you move forward.  I will explore any decision to separate, what might happen if you did decide to separate, how best you can navigate the process, tips for communicating with your spouse, how best to manage day to day life, books you may find helpful, help with choosing the right solicitor for you and understanding the way solicitors work, their charges and various levels of experience and expertise as well as any practical tips to help you move forward.

What I offer

  • An initial meeting pre, during or post divorce to help you
  • Support and assistance over the telephone as and when you need which may also include accompanying you to any legal appointments if you feel you need some additional professional support
  • Help filling in your divorce forms which you can obtain online from the Court