Your Separation - Your Process

Mediation is still not as widely recognised as I would like it to be and can sometimes be mistaken for counselling.  Mediation is a process where both parties attempt to resolve issues with the assistance of a mediator who is neutral.  Its purpose is to help you move forward with the decisions you need to make and to give you the tools to make your own decisions on an informed basis, without any pressure.  The work in mediation is done face to face with your mediator who will work with you throughout.

The process begins with your mediator discussing with you the issues which need to be resolved.  These are often not limited to just the external issues of a divorce but the underlying areas which need to be addressed such as the emotions you are both dealing with, communication, breakdown in trust, how you can approach any discussions with your children and what to say to your friends and family who ask.  These important areas are often overlooked in the legal process and can lead to long term unresolved conflict and problems long after the legal process has ended which can impact the whole family.

I will sit with you both assisting you to identify the issues and help you to consider how each of your options would work in reality.

Mediation is a safe and supportive way of working through your issues.  I will make sure of this.  All of your discussions are ‘without prejudice’ which means that they cannot be seen by the Court or discussed outside of the mediation process.  The important part for you is that this means you can have a ‘cards on the table’ discussion without fear that you will be held to anything you explore until you are ready.  It is for both of you to choose whether or not you wish to seek advice from a solicitor and take steps to incorporate your proposals into a Court Order which is binding.

Mediation usually takes place over a number of sessions, on average between three and five with each session lasting between 1 hour 30 minutes and 2 hours.  If you wish to talk about financial matters, I will also give each of you a comprehensive financial form which will require completion so that any prospective negotiations are undertaken with the full financial facts disclosed.

Mediation sessions are tailored to your individual needs so every mediation process is unique.  Mediation can be used to help you negotiate through a divorce or separation, resolve financial issues and/or children issues.  It can also help with communication and how best to manage conflict.  I can also see your child or children separately as part of your process.  You may also be entering into a new relationship or contemplating a cohabitation agreement or pre nuptial agreement and mediation is the perfect forum to discuss these sensitive issues and set you on the right track to move forward in your relationship.

Why choose Clare Madeline Mediation?

  • I will contact you within 48 hours of your enquiry to discuss mediation and to offer you an initial appointment.
  • Having practised as a family lawyer, I understand the legal process, the law as it may impact you and whilst I cannot give any legal advice to maintain neutrality, I can give you plenty of legal information and will ensure you are on the right track with your discussions.
  • I do not shy away from emotion or conflict.  It is sadly an inevitable part of family breakdown and often unhealthy for your physical and emotional wellbeing in the long term to ignore these emotions.  I am highly skilled in both of these areas and I will manage this sensitively and in a way that is comfortable for you both.
  • I will guide you as to how best to work it out between you so you remain in control.  I will help you to do so on an informed basis.  Mediation is not a substitute for legal advice but often works alongside what your solicitor is trying to achieve for you.  Together, this often makes for a far quicker and less emotionally stressful resolution.
  • I will help you find a mutually agreeable outcome which is more likely to work rather than outcomes imposed by the Court or negotiated by others.
  • I am a forward thinking mediator always embracing the latest practices and technology to best help you, offering face to face mediation as well as online video mediation.
  • I am accredited by the Family Mediation Council which means my experience and practice has been rigorously assessed.
  • I will help with a greater focus upon the needs of your children.
  • I will help you communicate and say what needs to be said to help you move forward in the most constructive way.
  • Clients describe me as “bringing a natural warmth to the process whilst being skilful and robust and bringing a professional and empathetic approach which helps make the emotional process as pain free as possible”.