‘Making the difference’ is what makes Clare Madeline Mediation

I have helped hundreds and hundreds of people and couples over the course of my legal and mediation career.  I am passionate about my belief that the process you choose to resolve your separation and the person you choose to work with can really make a difference.  I put you at the heart of the work I do and take pride in the professional relationship I will have with you in the mediation process.  There is no better job satisfaction than receiving your positive feedback.  This is what makes me tick and I thank each and every client who has worked with me or chooses to work with me in the future.

I know that very often the last place you want to be is coming to terms with the end of your relationship.  I value each and every recommendation and testimonial received and hope this helps others select a process which can really change the way you view your separation or divorce.

Here are some recent client testimonials of those who have worked with me in the legal/ mediation process:-

Mrs K

Thank you for your time. I found the experience extremely positive, and having reflected there are many things I can now see from the other point of view. We have already started discussing the children  – which after 6 years is a great step forward. I am hoping that we can continue to behave in this way which can only provide the security and family environment for the children – albeit in 2 homes.

Mrs M

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and advice over the last few months. You’ve been enormously helpful and reassuring during what has been a distressing time for me.  I’ve very much appreciated your calm, balanced and professional advice and for providing this in a timely way.


Thank you for all your help through this most difficult passage in my life.  May I say how amazing you have been throughout this gruesome process.  Thank you so much for your patience and hard work.  You have been a rock and I will certainly recommend you.

Mrs A

Clare handled our mediation in an extremely clear, friendly and professional manner.  I was very nervous about the process, prior to visiting, but Clare put me at ease. I was so grateful for the kind and thoughtful way my needs were met.  The process was clear, succinct and very productive.  I would certainly refer others to her.  Thank you.

Mr H

I was referred to mediation with Clare.  I was very satisfied with Clare as a mediator and she fully explained matters and guided me through the mediation process.

A mediation client

Thank you for your work and help regarding our mediation.  I personally think that the process you offered was the best we could hope to have received.

Mrs P

Thank you so much for all the work you have done on my behalf.  You have a lovely manner about you Clare – making very difficult situations easier to bear.

Mrs A

I am more grateful than you will ever know.  You have enabled me to move my life forwards a bit further.  It really was amazing to make such incredible process.  Your help and thoughtfulness helped me to face a situation which I sincerely felt I wasn’t able to.

Mr B

Clare helped me tremendously throughout my complex case.  Clare was patient and sensitive to my needs throughout.  I would certainly use again if needed and would recommend Clare to friends.

Mr W

Genuinely nothing to improve.  Excellent communications, clear explanation and personal service – very rare and over and above what I expected.

Mrs B

Thank you for all you have done for me.  The last year has been tough but you have made it a little bit easier.

Mrs M

You have provided a good service and I remain grateful to you for it. I will most certainly recommend you and the service you provide and am happy for people to contact me directly should they wish to.

Professor B

Clare works hard to provide fair and constructive environment for individuals to work jointly towards resolution. She sets clear goals for each session and the overall process. She is an excellent host, kind and empathetic and yet, manages the process with firm hand. I highly recommend mediation and in particular, working with Clare Madeline Mediation.

Mr M

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for everything you have done for me and my children. I have found you to be very honest, professional, respectful and patient with me particularly as I have dyslexia. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Mrs L

Clare was very helpful and information from the start.  I felt she was always honest in her assessment and could trust and rely on what she said, even if it was not always what I wanted to hear.  Clare was always prompt and timely throughout the process and whilst I hope not to use the service again would have no hesitations doing so.

Mr H

I would like to say a big thank you to Clare who has dealt with all my affairs very efficiently.  She treated me with a lot of compassion at a very difficult time for me and felt she had a good understanding of my situation without any judgment.  I hope all your clients have such a positive experience as I have had.  Many thanks again.

Mrs R

Clare was very helpful and thoughtful in what was a very difficult time.

Mr E

I would like to thank you for your help with my divorce over the last 12 months.  It hasn’t been a straightforward divorce but I suspect very few are.  I have achieved what I wanted and for this I would like to express my sincere gratitude of you.

Mr S

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for all your advice and for acting for me.  I couldn’t have chosen better.

Mrs W

Just to say thank you for your help.  It has given me confidence working with you knowing we were always singing from the same hymn sheet so to speak!

Ian Minall

Clare represented me in the custody of my two boys and securing their surname.  Clare is hardworking and conscientious and works hard to be fair to both parties.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Clare.  Thanks to Clare I gained the custody of my two boys which has brought me so much enjoyment in my life thank you Clare.

Bridget Aegerter

I know Clare as both a former colleague and as a legal representative.  Clare is an outstanding professional with detailed knowledge of her subject (family law), absolute integrity and an extremely approachable manner.  I would recommend her to anyone who needs representation in family law or is considering working with her.

Carolyn Hanes

Mediator – New Landscape Mediation

Clare is a passionate exponent of mediation; looking to find better and more constructive ways to deal with family issues.

Deborah Whicker

Family Lawyer – Franklins Solicitors

I find Clare to be highly professional, fair and pleasant colleague with an excellent work ethic; always on hand to help and provide sound guidance.

Mrs S

Thank you for your expertise and your wonderful approach at making me feel at ease

Mr E

You have been very helpful and have clearly explained a lot of the processes that we’ve been through, making what is a complex subject much easier to understand.


Thank you for your help in getting through the mediation process. I really appreciated your services.

Mrs D

Dear Clare,

You have been truly magnificent. Thank you for all your help.

Mr D

Again thank you so much! Genuinely have been a huge help.

Mr P

You managed to achieve something that I viewed as pretty much impossible when I first came to see you, so will always be extremely grateful for your help. I felt you had a very good way of picking up on tricky points and managing the discussion so that there were no flare ups. We both knew where the boundaries lay. You were methodical/professional with what needed looking at and communicated it in a very clear and calm manner. I think the overriding benefit from the first visit to the last session was that your work environment promoted a feeling of calm, which helped me remain comfortable even though we were discussing some very uncomfortable things.

So I would just like to express again my thanks for your assistance as we are all able to move on with our lives. I am feeling better in myself, so am able to offer more to support the children, which certainly is a bonus during this difficult time.  Thank you.