About Clare Madeline Mediation

I trained as a family lawyer and have been in practice in the Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire area for over 18 years. I am a trained collaborative lawyer and a family mediator accredited by the Law Society and the Family Mediation Council. I have dedicated my career to family law cases and over the years have helped hundreds of clients.

I am passionate about family law as an area of law that can have an everlasting impact on a family. Having become jaded with a court process which encourages couples to fight against each other, rarely allowing them opportunity to focus on the needs of the children and seeing the emotional damage, I am committed to finding the best solution for every client to resolve their separation, divorce or matters relating to the children without using the court process. I now specialise in family mediation, a forward thinking process fit for modern times when many couples no longer want a costly, acrimonious and somewhat dated approach. There are so many short and long term benefits to the process of mediation for those committed to working together to create an outcome which really works. Clare Madeline Mediation offers you the opportunity to resolve your divorce in a calm, creative, constructive, cost effective and forward thinking way demonstrating that there is a better way to divorce.

Clients come to me at some of the most vulnerable and difficult times of their lives, principally seeking support in relation to the financial arrangements following the breakdown of their marriages and disputes as to the arrangements surrounding their children. I provide mediation clients with great support and guidance which they find very reassuring and in turn provides them with the armour they need to manage these challenging times of their lives.

Whether you are looking for a mediator to help you through your separation, a child trained consultant to meet with your children or you just need help navigating the process from someone experienced and who understands the legal process, I can help.

“When you are dealing with the breakdown of your marriage or relationship, it is not uncommon to feel out of control and unable to cope. I understand the complex emotions that arise during separation and the importance of an emotionally intelligent approach and the real need to protect children during this time. With appropriate guidance I want clients to feel empowered to make reflective decisions enabling the whole family to move forward and be able to communicate with each other long after any separation or legal process has concluded”.