Mediation in light of Coronavirus

Coronavirus Mediation Policy – updated as at 12th April following the gradual easing of the Government lockdown restrictions

Given the huge impact of Coronavirus felt across the world and in our individual lives, my priority is the safety of you, your family, myself and my own family during this time.   I have been monitoring the situation closely since March 2020 (can you believe it’s been over a year?!) when we first really encountered the impact of this virus, considering how I can best support my valued current and future clients in these difficult times whilst putting safety, health and wellbeing the absolute priority.  Although hopeful that the virus will soon be less widespread with the vaccination rollout, I remain cautious.

I run my mediation practice from my home address in order to provide a completely bespoke, personal, professional service and usually come into contact with many clients each week.  It will not be safe just yet for me to resume face to face meetings, whether a mediation information and assessment meeting or mediation meeting.  I will be continuing to work from home and offer mediation remotely so that you can also safely be at home wherever possible.

I know we are all craving some sense of when life as we knew it might return.  At the moment mediation with me will remain online.  To give you an understanding of the rationale for my decision to continue to work remotely even after lockdown periods have ended, an average mediation meeting usually lasts two hours.  It will not be safe for us all to meet face to face in the same room together for that length of time whilst observing the required social distancing.  Practically, I could make the space  work for us all to sit a metre apart but as we would all be within close proximity of one another, inside, masks would need to be worn at all times and the windows would need to be open.  Most of the aspects of what makes the face to face mediation that I offer in a bespoke home setting would be lost.

I also have to factor in that during an average week, I see lots of different clients, most from separate household units and on an average day may see up to three different couples for hours at a time.  It would be too much of a risk for me personally but also for you and your family for me to resume work in the same way as I did pre coronavirus.  There is also the question of who has been vaccinated and the risks of working with those who have not or cannot be vaccinated for any reason.  It is for that reason that I will be continuing to offer mediation remotely, unless there are exceptional circumstances which require a face to face meeting.  I will let you know if those exceptional circumstances apply to you.

Whilst it is always preferable to meet face to face and I very much hope to be able to return to this when it is safer, online video mediation is effective and all the same important principles of mediation apply for the online video method.   You will each be safe in your own space and I will ensure that your discussions progress in the most effective way, albeit online.

Every business/ individual will need to be guided by the Government restrictions whilst also considering their own personal circumstances.  These are unprecedented times.  My priority remains ensuring that, as far as possible, myself and my family remain well and you and your families are protected until such time as the position changes or the risk to our health has significantly minimised.

I recognise that this is a time of immense pressure and stress for families.   I know that couples will be and are finding this period hard to manage, particularly with a dreary few months ahead.  Couples who were already on the verge of separating or who had made the decision to divorce prior to COVID-19 will be struggling.  Even those relationships which were intact before all of this may have found the wide-ranging effects of this pandemic and the terrible loss of loved ones have impacted their emotional health as well as their family life.

This dreadful virus has stopped us having conversations face to face but it does not have to stop you talking or finding ways to resolve family conflict in the best possible way.  It is important for children who, through no fault of their own, may be stuck in the family home which might be filled with conflict, upset and trauma, without the relief of time out at school, with friends or extended family members.  It’s also important for you.  Living with unresolved conflict and uncertainty is not good for your physical or emotional health.    Being in limbo or feeling as though there are no options is not good either.

I am here for you.  Although it is not safe for us to meet face to face, I have the additional tool of technology to see you and progress your mediation from start to finish through the online video method.  Although I cannot be with you physically in the room, I will be with you virtually, practically and emotionally from start to finish.  Above all, I will continue to offer you a place of calm professionalism in that window of time when we meet.

If you are considering video mediation, a full individual assessment will need to take place initially, as well as possibly a trial video call, before concluding not only whether mediation as a process is suitable but also whether online video mediation is suitable.

In the meantime, take care everybody and I very much hope to see you (albeit virtually at the moment) soon.

Clare Madeline