A warm, calm and welcoming space for Mediation

Welcome to Clare Madeline Mediation, a modern, collaborative approach to divorce and separation without using the Court. This is a bespoke service for couples seeking a personalised mediation service where they and their children are very much at the heart of what I offer.  

I am not trying to compete with the many larger mediation services in and around the area. I fully support the great work they do in championing mediation and view many of my fellow mediators as friends and colleagues.  I aim to offer something different. 

I often describe mediation as being the next step up from a couple being able to sit around the kitchen table and work things out themselves. I have created a mediation service which offers a professional yet very personalised service demonstrating that there is a better and more civilised way to divorce.  

I invite clients into my home where I have created a warm, calm and welcoming space for their mediation. Going into a solicitors office or a cold meeting room can be daunting and often just adds to the emotional stress clients feel.  Clients are welcome to use the garden (weather permitting!) if they need a breather at any time.  Parking is available.

I am trained to meet and offer direct consultation with children in the mediation process. I am passionate about giving children a voice where it is appropriate and helpful to do so.  My mediation room provides a safe and confidential space for a child to be individually seen in a setting which they would find comfortable. 

If you are seeking a bespoke, tailor made solution with an experienced mediator, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 07944 108298 or by email at clare@claremadelinemediation.co.uk





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