Time for change

The family courts were suffering long delays prior to this pandemic.  Now, the family court is undoubtedly in crisis.  It’s time for other ways of resolving family separation to take precedence over a dated, stressful, lengthy, emotionally and financially costly court process.  We need a more holistic, respectful, emotionally intelligent approach to divorce and separation.  Mediation offers this and so much more.

It’s structured, yet flexible to create a bespoke process suitable for you and your family’s individual needs.

It’s not a soft option.  The same rigour of working through your family pot and exchanging your family financial information applies in mediation, yet it is done in a collaborative, cost effective way.

It involves a professional with years of experience and understanding of the way the family justice system works (if your mediation comes from a legal background as I do) yet someone who can work with you both as an impartial and help you understand each other’s views.

It moves forward at your pace.

It creates longer lasting solutions and addresses conflict so that you can find your feet without suffering the long term damage of a conflictual process at a time when you will already have enough internal and external conflict going on in your life.

Above all, it’s available for you now and most mediators are working remotely so you do not need to feel struck and alone and can access a family mediator as soon as you are ready.

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