Accreditation – the gold standard of mediators

I am delighted to let you know that I have received confirmation from the Family Mediation Council that my application to re accredit as a mediator has been approved.  Time to pause and reflect on my mediation journey and be grateful for another successful accreditation.

My career as a family lawyer started in 1999.  Hugely passionate about family law because of the human element and desire to make a difference to the lives of those impacted by the trauma of family separation, my journey into the world of mediation began in 2009 when I completed the 6 day training/ assessment to become a mediator.  This course was life changing for me.  I learnt a lot about myself professionally and personally and when the course had completed I felt I had come out of it a different person.  I knew then that mediation was something that really fitted my personal and professional aspirations.

I went on a 3 year journey after my initial training developing my skills and building my mediation practice.  During that time, I observed mediations with a number of different mediators to experience a range of different approaches, engrossed myself in learning and development and worked closely with a professional practice consultant who observed me in practice and worked with me to obtain the relevant number of hours, skills and case portfolios to apply for my first family mediation accreditation.   It was quite some task.  I obtained this in June 2010.  Accreditation is a real achievement in the world of mediation.  Due to the amount of time and work involved, many newly trained brilliant mediators, sadly, do not manage to get there.  It is a recognised quality standard and demonstrates that your mediator has satisfied the requirements and is sufficiently experienced to obtain this.

Since then, I’ve continued growing my practice and have been re-accredited as required every three years to maintain this professional status.  I was delighted to open my mediation practice in March 2018 and have not looked back since.  I run a learning and development practice alongside my mediation work and also help other mediators in their own journeys towards accreditation and enjoying a fulfilling career in mediation.  I also subsequently trained as a child inclusive mediator and see children during the mediation process.  I offer a totally holistic, emotionally intelligent approach to divorce and separation which I believe can really make a difference at the time but also for the family to be able to move forward.

I’m most grateful to all the clients who have put their trust in me professionally to work with them at the darkest of times for them and continue to look forward to helping those I am yet to work with.  But for now, after all the work involved in the re accreditation process, I’m looking forward to taking a rest from the intensity of re accreditation to focus on the job and a forthcoming holiday to re-rejuvenate and spend time with my family.

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